Why the British obsession with Brexit from the EU?

A curious aspect of current British politics is the huge amount of energy being invested on the Eurosceptic right about holding a referendum on Brexit, on Britain leaving the EU (formerly the EEC). Yet, public opinion seems remarkably disinterested. The issue has potentially massive implications for the economy and Britain’s future role in the world, and yet it is hardly being discussed so far in the long election campaign of 2015. It could be a make-or-break matter in any coalition negotiations afterwards. What’s going on? A history of ambiguity In general there has been an ambiguity in Britain’s attitude to Europe. Just notice those last words. There’s an in-built tendency to see the UK as different from “Europe”, reinforcing the island mentality of separateness and its long history of resistance to dominance of the “Continent” by a superpower. Britain held … Read more

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