The great Scottish Nationalist wipe-out is a paradigm shift

The massive poll leads for the Scottish National Party (SNP) reported recently offers to change everything politically north of the border post the 2015 general election. It will be the great Scottish Nationalist wipe-out of their opponents which has been predicted since the 1970’s and now possible due to the dynamics of the 2014 independence referendum and the consequences of the 2008 financial crash. The SNP probably rightly senses that there’s a great opportunity, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime one, where it can control the balance of power at Westminster very much as the Irish Home Rulers did in the late 19th century and thus bring about a major shift towards home rule for Scots. Replacing Labour as the Scottish left-of-centre force They have been able to capitalise brilliantly on the massive explosion of enthusiasm for independence, particularly amongst the young, exposing … Read more

The UK Constitution under severe pressure: (1) Devolution

Underlying a lot of the difficulties being faced in the upcoming 2015 election are unresolved problems to do with the UK constitution and system of government, the most pressing of which are the issue of devolution of power to the nations of the UK and regions, as set against the potential for the UK to fall apart, and also the UK’s relationship with the EU. However there are other issues too which politicians have postponed addressing and which could contribute to the current public antipathy towards politics and Westminster politicians. Some argue that the time has come for a new start and indeed at least one party is proposing a constitutional convention after the election while another prefers a referendum on membership of the EU. Recent attempts at reform UK politicians tend to have an aversion to root-and-branch reform, and … Read more

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