Boris Johnson in power at last prepares for No Deal Brexit

Battle has been joined. The Boris Johnson war cabinet has been assembled and the “Do or die” government is announcing its policy. The new Prime Minister has sacked most opponents and brought in a cabinet of hard Brexiters. He made a policy pitch for One Nation Toryism from No 10 yesterday but like Theresa May, that may or may not happen. The focus looks likely to be to achieve Brexit by 31 October. We will no doubt see some shadow boxing, ostensibly with the EU, who have already made their position clear, and BJ’s opponents will probably hold off a bit while that very unconvincing bid plays itself out. Meanwhile preparations for a No Deal Brexit will resume, equally unconvincingly. Quite clearly Boris Johnson has opted for the hard Brexit faction, who have taken control of the Tory party, neoliberals … Read more

Avoiding the slow-motion Brexit train crash

The slow motion train crash that is Brexit is gradually speeding up as the deadline for an agreement with the EU gets closer and yet the political situation in the UK remains deadlocked. May’s government has, after months of wrangling between ministers, finally produced a White Paper of an outline of a proposal for a trade negotiation with the EU, only to see it widely criticised as either unworkable or giving too much or too little away. Several Brexiters have resigned, including heavyweights Boris Johnson and David Davis. May will now attempt to negotiate with the EU while trying to face down what are now her Brexiter opponents, not a promising position to be in for a major change in the UK’s constitutional and trading arrangements. The situation has become unprecedented, volatile and highly unpredictable. The emergence of a proposed … Read more

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