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Here is my links page of useful links to sites with interesting data on politics and political behaviour

British politics

This is a very comprehensive site for students of British politics, with an academic lean: click here

Overview of UK opinion polls

You can follow the latest opinion polls, with lots of interesting discussion, here.

The guru of UK polls is Professor John Curtice. He has a “Poll of polls” here.

Pro- and anti-Brexit organisations

The official Leave and Remain organisations closed after the 2016 Referendum, but these are some who are currently for either side:


The European Movement: probably the main umbrella Remain organisation now

Open Britain: Is the successor to the official Remain campaign. Wants a “soft” Brexit.

StopBrexit: supported by Prof AC Grayling and Alastair Campbell


Leave Means Leave is a very active Leave campaign group, with many Brexit MP’s as supporters


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