Liberalism retreats before the advance of nationalism and the strong man

The turbulence of 2016 has revealed enough to make clear that we now have two competing visions of the global political order, liberalism and nationalism. One might say “nothing new then”, given that such a competition is in some ways a reversion to an older pre-1945 pattern, were it not for the apparent progress made since then to create a rules and human rights-based international order. Now however, some might … Read more

Let’s not forget why we need european unity

Let’s not forget what Europe was like within living memory, full of bloody conflict, as it had been for hundreds of years. Brexiteers wanting to pull the UK out of the EU do so in the face of a very troubled history which has involved the UK more often than many realise, whereas under european unity we have had 71 years of peace. This photo shows the place where six … Read more

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