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The photo shown in the centre of the header to this site, and copied here is of the Town Hall of what was the “rotten borough” of Gatton in Surrey, England, UK. A rotten borough was where the population of a long-standing Parliamentary consituency had shrunk to almost nobody but still returned one or more MPs to the unreformed House of Commons before 1832. They were generally owned by a wealthly patron who could control who was elected. Given the current disrespect for politics and politicians and the increasing influence by hidden very wealthy interests in our increasingly unequal society, it is not beyond the powers of imagination to envisage a return to similar levels of corruption of our political processes.

Right now the democratic process in many countries is under pressure as many people feel disengaged from their politics and are tempted by more authoritarian solutions.

This blog is about exploring the potential for revisioning contemporary politics. It aims to understand, analyse and assess current political developments, and look for the potential for positive change, the emergence of a new vision for our political life, rather than the current trend to see politics in purely negative, expedient and transactional terms, overlaid with more than a touch of paranoia.

The focus is UK-centric but seeks to reach out across Europe and globally.

The approach

The aim is to be impartial, balanced and non-party-political, in the sense that I don’t “back” any political party. Any apparent “bias” is rhetorical, intending to stimulate the thinking of the reader.

Many people get suspicious of people commenting on politics and assume that they must have some bias or axe to grind. I’m more interested more in how we can all step back from what is occurring and explore what better opportunities might exist.

Authorship and background

Revisioning Politics is a not-for-profit blog. I am John Gloster-Smith and I’m a life and business coach who has worked with business and public sector senior managers for the last 25 years. Before that, I was a teacher and Head of Faculty in English “public schools” specialising in History and Politics for 17 years. I have a degree in Modern History from Oxford University, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the same institution, as a member of Oxford’s University College. I live in France.


All written material in this blog is copyrighted to me and is original material. Where possible other sources are acknowledged in the text.

For any issues about copyright, or any other matter relating to this blog, please contact me here.

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