Behind Brexit is a hidden agenda of completion of the “Thatcher revolution”

Behind Brexit lies the hidden agenda of Brexit, except that’s it is not so hidden as that it is so little discussed. People often ask, why are they doing this to the UK? Who can be so crazy as to carry out this act of self-harm? Surely they must realise! The answer might be that “they” do, but choose not to publicise very much, presumably because many people would not be very comfortable with it.

Completing the Thatcher revolution

This is all about the work of “Thatcher’s children”, completing what they regards as the Thatcher revolution. People like Liz Truss, Dominic Raab, Priti Patel and Kwasi Kwarteng are ardent Thatcherites, ultra-free market ideologues who regard Mrs Thatcher’s work as incomplete. They are part of the political generation who came politically aware during Mrs Thatcher’s time in office and are now ministers in Johnson’s government.

Liz Truss, for example, the International Trade Secretary responsible for negotiating free trade treaties to attempt to make up for the loss of trade with the EU on Brexit, see that Brexit provides a massive opportunity for free market reform. To her, it would be a “complete contradiction of the Brexit vote” if it isn’t used to impose “fiscal discipline and economic liberalisation … [to] give people power over their own money and their own lives”. Thus, for her and for other ideologues, what Britain needs is a massive dose of further neoliberalism, even though many observers consider that such an ideology has failed and does not answer the problems Britain faces.

The bonfire of regulations

The EU is seen as a major source of regulation that “enslaves Britain and leaving the EU is very consistent with free market neoliberal ideology, as advocated by supporting bodies like the Institute for Economic Affairs. Truss and others seek a “bonfire of regulations” after Brexit and have already equipped themselves to do this when powers are transferred to Britain from EU control upon Brexit. Free marketeers seek to further reduce the role of the state, shrink the welfare state, privatise the NHS and education, cut taxes for the better off, and cut public spending. She welcomes a free trade treaty with the US which would open up Britain’s market to less regulated US products and the NHS to US big medical corporations.

Hidden backers

Where observers are particularly curious about is in the backers and funders of this hidden agenda, what some refer to as “shady people”, big corporations and other wealthy interests and internationally-backed influencers. Such observers consider that certain special interests stand to benefit from the changes advocated.


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