Boris Johnson and the economics of Leave: the whiff of an election

Preoccupied as many people are with the approaching crunch point over Brexit, they may not be so aware of the powerful whiff of an approaching general election and the potential voting-winning economic and tax-and-spend policies of the hard right behind Boris Johnson.

While stuffed full of curious contradictions, and amidst masses of scepticism from soon-to-be-ex Chancellor Hammond, there is an interesting sense in BJ’s Borisomics of a mix of tax cuts for the rich and the promised final dismantling of the Post-war welfare state and the “bonfire of regulations” on the one hand with an austerity-busting splurge of infrastructure spending for the disadvantaged Labour leave-voting areas. Farage is doing similar things.

This looks to be more than a touch of a neo-liberal bid for the Labour Leave vote. Interesting too that such people rate the economy, austerity and welfare cuts over Brexit as a key political issue. In other words there are votes to be bought by Borisomics, votes that could buy off any otherwise anti-Brexit voters. How all would be financed would be interesting, but it is possible to see a version emerging of the post-Brexit Boris Johnson landscape. Whether he can pull it off may be another matter!

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